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    Of all the bikes I’ve ever seen, this is my favorite. And the best part is, my friends built it. Score, Brother Moto. Photography by Bobby Russell (the middle brother).

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  3. the manuscripts of the masters: scientists

    albert einstein, ph.d., physics
    marie curie, ph.d., physics, chemistry
    nikola tesla, electrical&mechanical engineering
    george washington carver, m.s., botany
    rosalind franklin, ph.d., biophysics
    charles darwin, evolutionary biology
    thomas edison, electrical&mechanical engineering

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    Ferrari 250 GT LWB California, ‘59

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    Forget Your Past / Buzludzha, Bulgaria // Timothy Allen ©

    #ARCHIlista is on FB NOW… LOVE A LOT !

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    // Living Room //
    // Yoke //
    // gallery.oxcroft.com //

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    The streets of Venice, almost as beautiful as the canals…

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    To see hotels in this beautiful city, head on over to our site.

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    1949 Excelsior Speedway bike

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